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Our history

Antonio Schioppa

Antonio Schioppa in 1964

Our history

Our story begins in 1964. Antonio Schioppa opens a jewelry store in Naples in Via dei Tribunali 140, becoming a point of reference for the supply of retail and wholesale goldsmithery. Subsequently, in the early 80s, his son Giuseppe, an expert in precious stones, registered the ESSEGI brand, specializing in the production and retail distribution of gold and diamond jewellery.

The younger brother Salvatore, during the expansion of the flourishing business, follows him a few years later, taking over the company. In the same period, Vincenzo the older brother, thanks to the experience gained in the family business, founded the SchiopWatch brand, with the aim of producing luxury watches in gold and precious stones with Swiss made calibre. The brand was welcomed by the public with enthusiasm, establishing itself in the high-end watchmaking market during the 1980s and 1990s.

The third generation

In 2004 Giuseppe’s sons, Alessandro and Francesco, at just twenty years old, with the advent of new trends and the use of materials never experimented until then for the creation of jewellery, undertook a journey to the East with the aim of to found a company specializing in the import of silver and steel jewellery.

Aimed at an audience of wholesalers and manufacturers, in just a few years the company established itself as a leader in Italy and abroad. Alessandro and Francesco, animated by the new challenges of the market, designed the 10ne Gioielli brand in 2008 which in a few years became widely recognized by the public.


Point of view


The passion for style and fashion accessories allows us to keep up with new trends, ready to satisfy consumer needs

Research and Development

The experience gained in recent years and the new challenges of the market have brought us to the center of a process of radical transformation of the business model


These strengths that have led us to innovate and seek successful solutions. These strengths that have led us to innovate and seek successful solutions.


The marketing and sales skills, developed in the world of jewellery, allow us to be incisive with our work driven by accurate knowledge and competence.